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Special events

Special events are something just a bit different, which requires a fresh set of ideas and plans.

Special Events

Special events are something just a bit different, which requires a fresh set of ideas and plans to help cover what is required. Either to create atmosphere or requires interesting planning. Special attention maybe be require with hiding equipment away from the public to create something dynamic and magical. Site visits are available to help understand what is required.

Previous special events include

Frightwater Valley

After 8 years of suppling to this event, our job role has increased and changed . In the beginning it was simply a pa and a couple of lights.
The 3rd saw an inative design of audio across the entire park with themed music, jingles and pre-recorded adverts for the activities around the park.
This was all controlled by timecode script, so that the same music around the park was on at the same time. After dark, each area come into its own where different themes where created and the music suited over the 5 locations.
Recently we supply power and lighting for the scare mazes, audio sound track, power and audio on a ghost train, motion sensor jump scares on the side of footpaths and themed lighting to create a creepy playground for the scare actors.

Tour De Yorkshire

We supplied Bedale’s Media centre. This included a large power draw for the event control and 40 media desks. Our role was to fit out Bedale hall with power to cope with the event, this old listed building was a challenge, but we successfully delivered. A generator was sited outside and distribution brought into the hall, to cater for a sea of laptops and cameras. This job also included a live video feed from our own aerial outside with 3 large screens showing the race inside the hall.

UCI Cycle Race – Northallerton

and Richmond

A particular logistic challenge as both events were 1 day apart. Working closely with local councils and event officers.
Northallerton site saw us put together 6 large marquees for racers and their team cars, video links into the town hall, sync set generators for the event and live tv broadcast. In addition we were also asked to supply audio down Northallerton high street, radio mics for commentary and personalities, site power distribution, lighting and mini marquees for teams to shelter from the rain. With a one day build we accepted the challenge with open arms.
Richmond however was a similar size event but with a stage also. The downside to Richmond is that it had to be built overnight, straight after Northallerton.
Both sites went ahead live on tv without a glitch.