MB Audio visual


We offer full production services which include; Stage, sound, lighting, engineers, video, crowd barrier and transport.



We offer full production services which include;

* Stage
* Sound
* Lighting
* Experienced engineers
* Video
* Crowd barriers
* Transport
* Rider negotiations

Take advantage of our production bundle, where we may be able to offer you a discount if we do more than one role at your event.


This makes your event more cost effect and leaves you with just one final bill, helping you manage costs more efficiently. Our bundle ensures you’re only having to deal with one point of contact for queries and issues. One bill, one point of contact, less hassle!

Another key to this is rider negotiations. Once you have selected the acts for your event, send us their technical details. We will contact their tour manager / touring engineers and begin the relevant conversations needed to set the ball rolling.

Our role here is to find exactly what they require to run a successful show and offer compromises within the event’s budget. We also look ahead at foreseen issues and prepare to organise to create a smooth show. This gives us a greater understanding of what is required and helps us to adapt and be ready on-site with hugs rather than arguments. This all gets rolled into your bill beforehand so there’s no dreaded “extras” like most production companies do.